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Sildenafil citrate is available as a main active ingredient in this tablet.  It is a Phosphodiesterase type-5 inhibitor. It protects c-GMP (cyclic guanosine monophosphate) from degradation in the corpus cavernous. Nitric oxide is liberated in sexual stimulation, which binds to the guanylate cyclase enzyme and results in improved levels of c-GMP. This c-GMP is responsible for the relaxation of smooth muscles of the penile area. The relaxation of smooth muscles results in augmented blood flow into the genital organs and causes a hard penile erection, during the sexual intercourse.


Benefits of Cenforce

Erectile dysfunction or erectile brokenness

Pulmonary arterial hypertension


Dose of Cenforce

The recommended dose of Cenforce is 50mg. It is taken via an oral route and with a glass of water. This drug should be in use just previous to 30 minutes of sexual activity.  It can be administered with or without meals. During this medication therapy, you should ignore the use of junk food or fatty foodstuffs because fatty food demolishes the activity of Cenforce.

Undesirable effects of Cenforce

Commonly seen side effects of Cenforce are-

Severe headache, feeling of giddiness, back pain, nose congestion, skin rashes, sore throat, vomiting, fainting and abdomen pain.


Rigorous adverse effects of Cenforce are-

Chest pain, tachycardia and bradycardia (uneven heartbeat)


 Drug Interactions for Cenforce

Some of the medicines which may interact with Cenforce-

    Alpha blockers such as Doxazosin, Prazosin

    Amlodipine, Nifedipine and other Anti-hypertensive drugs


    Erythromycin, Azithromycin

    Saquinavir, Ampernavir

    Ketoconazole, Itraconazole


Contraindications for Cenforce

Cenforce is strictly forbidden under the following conditions:

    In case of the patient is hypersensitive to generic Sildenafil.

    If you have kidney and liver syndrome.

    Do not use this medicine if you have a recent heart attack or stroke.

    If you have a low blood pressure.

    It is contraindicated in females.

    It is not dispensed to kids under the 12 years of age.

    If you are previously on Nitrate therapy.  



Precautions for Cenforce

Some of the preventive measures for Cenforce are mentioned below-

    Utilization of grapefruit or grapefruit juices is avoided, if you are captivating this medicine.

    Quit smoking along with this Anti-impotent drug.

    Do not take alcoholic beverages while taking this medication.

    Don’t take any other Phosphodiesterase type-5 inhibitor with this preparation.

    Do not drive the vehicle or do any machinery work which requires attentiveness because Sildenafil may cause faintness.


Appropriate storage of Cenforce

    It is to be stored at the room temperature below 250 C.

    Keep this drug in a cool, hygienic and dry place.

    Keep out of the reach of kids and pets.

    Protect this drug from humidity, heat and sunlight. 


What happen if you miss a dose of Cenforce?

Cenforce is not a normal drug; it is taken only when required (just prior to sexual activity).

Don’t get the two tablets of Cenforce at a same time.


What happen if you get an overdose of Cenforce?

Consult your physician immediately in the case of overdose of Cenforce and get some medical help.

Symptoms of overdose of Cenforce include extreme diarrhea, feeling of wooziness, stomach pain, seizure, tachycardia and bradycardia (irregular heartbeat). 


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